Meet The Mess

The Messy Dresser, not to be confused with “the messy bun” is a boutique that offers ladies wear that you can adorn yourself for any outing. Messy does not equal cluttered in this sense. Messy signifies that every woman’s style is unique to their personality and that style can change daily! Each dresser drawer may contain pieces for different trends, moods, and events. We at The Messy Dresser want you to wear what makes you happy.

Bre and Sam are sisters who were raised on country music and their Mama's good looks. Our mom has always had a great sense of fashion. Each of us girls have our own style but yet love to wear the same fabric of clothes. "I am definitely in a better, more confident mood when I like what I am wearing and I am comfortable" - Bre.

Our goal at The Messy Dresser is to bring classic, trendy pieces to our family, friends and soon to be friends without having to travel. Department store shopping can be fun! I mean, who doesn't love a good clearance rack!? However, we also like to be seen in something that not every lady has; which is why we usually get a limited stock of our inventory.

When the girls are not working at The Messy Dresser you can find them at their full time jobs or hanging out with their families.

Family dinner for 18 people, anyone?


Be you. Be confident. Be messy.    

xo - Bre and Sam